Workday Consulting

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With our Workday Consulting Services, your organization will get access to added benefits and valuable application support. Etag’s dedicated Workday practice provides technology-enabled professional services in the following 4 areas:

  • Discovery, mapping and modeling of existing HR, finance and payroll processes, including a full ROI/TCO analysis
  • Early prototyping of new processes in Workday and configuration of Workday to enable best practices
  • Migration to Workday from legacy on-premise systems and integration with other core systems (both cloud and on-premise)
  • User adoption planning, training and change management services


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Workday Human Capital Management is the leading enterprise-ready, unified HR and Talent Management cloud solution on the market today.

By combining HR and Talent Management in the same solution, Workday can provide you with unique insights and capabilities unavailable in standalone solutions.

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Workday Global Human Resource Management is designed to help you organize, staff, and pay yourglobal workforce.

◦ Workforce Lifecycle Management

◦ Organization Management

◦ Compensation Management

◦ Absence Management

◦ Employee Benefits Administration

◦ Cloud Connect for Benefits

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Workday Global Talent Management works seamlessly with Workday Global Human Resource Management to let you align, assess, reward, and develop your workforce—all from a single, unified solution.

◦ Accounting and Financial Reporting

◦ Management Reporting and Analysis

◦ Governance and Compliance

◦ Cash Management

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For people-centric businesses, virtually all spending is by, on, and for workers. Workday Spend Management simplifies and connects the key business processes involving workers and spending—spanning the traditional silos of HR, Procurement, and Expense Management to provide insight and control over spending while optimizing your company’s investment in human capital.

◦ Procurement

◦ Employee Expense Management

◦ Contingent Labour

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Workday Financial Management is the only financial solution designed this century and built to meet the specific needs of today’s finance organizations.

◦ Core Finance

◦ Revenue Management

◦ Business Assets

◦ Project Accounting

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