Windows Phone

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Smartphone market got a new competitive entrant with Windows Phone. Off-late the operating system has seen a swing of updates with increasingly advanced functionality. Windows Phone has introduced incredible changes in the way we use our mobile phones, it is here to set a benchmark, create brand awareness and thus strengthen customer interaction.

Our developers at Etag are technically skilled with the latest Windows Modern Style UI, notably known as Metro style, and are aware with the complexities of design to deliver you high-quality applications for Windows Phone Series. We have the ability to handle intricate projects and to build applications for Windows Phone, desktops and tablets.

We house some of the best experts in the industry with required hands on experience to undertake various responsibilities of Windows Phone Application Development for meeting the versatile goals and data exchange demands of the various organizations and enterprises globally.

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  • Strong Windows Mobile Application Development Team
  • Complete Understanding of Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Experienced in Windows Mobile Application Porting and Testing
  • High-End expertise in Custom Windows Mobile Application Development


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As a renowned Windows Phone App Development company, Etag offers a wide range of services that meet your business, budget, and timing requirements. Our Windows Phone App Development team is proficient in C# and framework which brings improved productivity and gives a technical edge. Our delivery methods are streamlined to ensure your project goals are achieved within the time-frame and budget you have no matter the size or difficulty of the project.

We can offer you specialized Windows Phone App Development services that are compatible with various versions. We at Etag cater one-shop-solution to all your Windows Phone Application Development requisites under one roof.

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