A Powerful yet Cost-Effective Solution

With more than 300 applications, millions of hours of development and 11K+ enhancements, Infor now offers access to an innovative choice for you to upgrade to a better system than the existing one. Infor applications are designed to automate all your essential processes—from front to back office, to mission critical core functions—allowing you to gain deep visibility into all your operations and accelerate your response to change.

With Infor, you have the potential to utilize technology that meets your specific needs more precisely and efficiently than has been seen in the enterprise world. Upgrading to Infor applications provides an opportunity to minimize customizations so your system is easier to support, and increase your ability to take advantage of complementary applications and innovative technologies. Infor is ready to support whatever choices are best for your business.

Best-in-class Support and Services

Best Practices specific to Verticals

Stay Competitive by Transforming your Solution to Infor

  • Infor solution lets you dramatically reduce complex system modifications
  • A powerful platform that lets you optimize key business processes without having to make functional trade-offs
  • Gives you access to some of the smartest thinking in the industry on how technology can help you get ahead
  • Customize processes to meet your needs
  • Invest in a foundation for future growth
  • Infor Upgradation will be less costly, less risky, and deliver faster time to benefit

Take the First Step, We can Help

Infor Upgradation provides the most comprehensive, flexible, and personalized service in the enterprise software industry. Our 24*7*365 service to our flexible business programs, we help you realize the full value of your software investment throughout its entire life-cycle. We make sure you are made aware of the very best ways to optimize your business processes using your Infor solutions. You still control your business—but you’ll be able to make better decisions, armed with a deeper understanding of your technological options, which include features that go beyond core functionality.