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Finding and retaining capacity services with the right skills and experience for your IT organisation can be challenging, especially when you need to swiftly scale IT teams up and down to match business demands.

Etag Application Capacity Services provide provisioning of skilled IT professionals on an ongoing basis to supplement existing client teams. With this offering, we can provide a rich mix of offshore resources as desired, thereby minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility.

Organisations that use our capacity services can experience:

  • Up to 40 percent reduction in resource spend by leveraging our offshore team
  • Increased agility by adding a flexible capacity to meet changing levels of demand
  • Up to 5-10 percent improvement in project start-up time through access to a wide range of readily available skills and simple contracting


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Our delivery capabilities include onsite, on shore and offshore resources and leverage the deep skills and know-how of the Etag Global Delivery Network, tailored specifically to address our clients’ Application Capacity Services requirements. What makes us a safe bet?

  • Our highly skilled IT professionals who have the ability to team effectively within our clients’ IT organisations.
  • Our Global Delivery Network – the largest and most diversified group of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.
  • Our flexible services arrangements make it easier to adjust or expand the resource mix in response to changing technologies or market demands.
  • Our advanced technology and processes enable us globally to effectively match our resources with our clients’ needs while providing new levels of service transparency.

Our Capacity Services Offer:

  • Access to the right blend of high-quality Microsoft skills in a rapidly changing technology environment
  • 20% to 50% reduction in hourly IT resource costs.
  • 24/7 coverage worldwide with many services options
  • Technical expertise, business acumen, and global delivery network to get the job done
  •  Reduce the time and risks that come with deploying high-impact solutions

When you choose Etag Capacity Services, we will first work with you to understand your precise goals—and then determine the level of expertise you need to take control over your IT resources and help drive better outcomes.

Etag’s Capacity Services can make dramatic improvements in your operational effectiveness, capital expenditures and service levels.

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Specific Capacity Services:

Etag has a team of skilled IT professionals who are available to support your development, testing and maintenance activities at the point of need. You can engage us to bolster your IT staff capacity or to extend your capabilities beyond your existing skill set. We can help you with a broad range of application projects and technologies, including:

Application Development

  • Custom Development
  • Packaged Applications

Application Maintenance

  • Production and User Support
  • Enhancements and small projects


  • Test Assessment
  • Test Planning and Execution
  • Test Automation services
  • Technical Testing
  • Performance, Stress, Stability
  • User Acceptance Testing support – including running UAT scripts & User Interface testing etc.

Specialized Services

  • DBA services, UI services, PMO support (Reporting/ MIS etc.)


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The most important benefits organizations receive by using our Capacity Services are the quality, reliability and knowledge of our people.

Etag’s Capacity Services can help you:

• Balance performance with predictable, fixed costs by getting high-quality skills and expertise when you need it

• Free up valuable in-house IT staff for more strategic work, while getting better control of both resources and outcomes

• Stay current with rapidly changing technology by taking advantage of world-class, skilled IT resources

• Simplify the contracting process with our pre-defined contracting template that is easy to understand and provides flexibility for resource augmentation to provide resources as you need them

• Reduce cost by leveraging any combination of offshore, near shore and/or onshore resources as an extension of your IT organization to lower resource spend by up to 40 percent

• Increase agility by adding a flexible capacity to meet changing levels of demand

• Accelerate your project start-up time by 5-10 percent with real-time access to our skilled team and simple contracting terms because we provide our people with ongoing support through training, mentoring and career management, they are nimble and efficient in aligning with your needs

We deliver capacity services more effectively by quickly mobilizing people, processes and technologies. With our Application Capacity Services, you’re not just acquiring resources…You’re hiring Etag.

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