System Integration

Accelerate Business Performance with System Integration Services

Our extensive experience in integrating people, processes and technologies enables us to design, build and operate practical and robust solutions.

With increasing integration of emerging technology in current IT environments, the scope of IT infrastructure has widened and quality levels of service have improved. Systems are expected to be agile, robust and secure to enable real-time decision making. System Integration is important to ensure your IT infrastructure is flexible to integrate custom applications and technologies, robust to support business continuity and agile to accommodate transformations.

Etag Systems Integration services helps enterprises address the new, emerging business challenges and undertake their transformation initiative and deliver greater value to their customers.

Etag Focuses on the Key Transformation Services

Solution Design

Our delivery teams have a detailed understanding of customers' business processes and requirements.

Customization & Implementation

Our experts deliver on configuration and development needs for product enhancement in accordance with business needs.

Infrastructure Services

From planning and design to implementation and deployment, Etag infrastructure services are comprised of technical architecture support.

Data Services

Etag analyzes business intelligence data needed to run campaigns and strategies across the organization.

Bring Insight Into Your Business

Our System Integration Services Helps Enterprises

  • Deploy latest technology enterprise-wide
  • Customize and configure existing systems
  • Integrate technology that is vendor agnostic
  • Implement complex IT transformations
  • Enable migration of systems to latest versions

We Integrate the Key Areas of System Integration

At Etag, we have a keen understanding of emerging technologies. We employ our knowledge and industrialized approach, with our skilled and experienced team, to find solutions that tailor to our clients. Our personalized software framework enables our industry-wide, problem solving capabilities. It is our goal to provide our clients with both a scalable and durable solution, that will help them increase their productivity and reduce their costs. Through our use of open source software, we are able to provide top-notch solutions at a much reduced cost.

The Benefits

  • Streamlined and optimal-functional workflow
  • Access to real-time data and combined view of data
  • Effective performance with quality
  • Cost-effective solution to meet business requirements