Support & Maintenance

Streamline On-going Preventive Support & Maintenance Efforts

Support and Maintenance is vital to any business today, which includes hardware, software and network maintenance and support services. Any business requires proactive support service to ensure continued availability and reliability.

When it comes to ensuring business continuity in the data center or high end-user productivity, Infor Support Services are available worldwide to help you boost your performance and improve the customer experience. At the same time, you will be able to focus your full attention on your core business thanks to Infor support.

Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services

Emergency fixes, platform monitoring and 24*7 software technical support

On-going Application Maintenance & Support

On-going Application Maintenance & Support

Bug fixing, new features enhancements implementation, database administration, QA and testing, on-going system update, system re-engineering, and performance tuning


Customer support and end-user issues handling, change and release process management, requirements and risk management

Set-up Support

Set-up Support

Application deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting and planned upgrade

Support & Maintenance Services

  • Help Desk Support
  • Incident Response
  • Resolution of basic IT/computer problems, such as Username and Password Issues
  • Verification of Physical Layer Issues
  • Incident Resolution

  • Production Support for Applications
  • Providing Break-Fix/Corrective and Emergency Support
  • Providing Consultation and Technical Support to End-Users
  • Resolving Ad-hoc Issues
  • Guaranteed Incident Resolution for all Production Issues

  • Bug Analysis, Fixes and Deployment Support
  • Minor Enhancements and Deployment Support
  • Minor Enhancements and Customization
  • Preventive, Adaptive, and Perfective Maintenance
  • Routine Maintenance Activities

  • Major Enhancements and Deployment Support
  • Fixes and Deployment Support
  • Document Frequently Occurring Issues
  • Test Applications in Idle Time and Look for Bugs
  • Recommend and Execute Changes to Applications

We Continuously Meet Service Expectations

Maintenance for Entire Software Lifecycle

Fixing Bugs

This process includes troubleshooting software issues, and doing maintenance tasks regularly like managing the source code, Version, patch and releases, Integration of releases, and fixing site crashes at priority, among others

Patch/Release Management & Deployment

We manage different release & patches, test them in simulated client IT environment, release them for your clients, and also deploy it at customer installations

How Can Etag Solutions Help?

We Etag + Infor provide out-and-out maintenance and support services that will enable you to focus better on your core business functions. We are a team of expert professionals who carry a proficiency that is crystallized by experience in the industry. With long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for all your software requirements, we prepare your software for future requirements.

With a complete overview of support programs and services including guidance from the experts, 24x7x365 unlimited support, dedicated technical relationship management and self-help resources, Etag Support and Maintenance Programs provide world-class services to optimize your product portfolio and ensure the success and greatest return on your investment.