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SAP Fiori is a productivity boost which allows your employees to complete workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks from any device.

We deliver a consumer-friendly experience to your enterprise software users with SAP Fiori, a collection of apps that support the most broadly and frequently used SAP software functions.

SAP Fiori was developed by working closely with over 250 customers to understand the most commonly used business functions and ways in which the user experience for those functions could be improved and simplified.

Early users of SAP Fiori have reported tremendous business benefits, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, reduced work completion time and increased adoption of business processes.

The first release of SAP Fiori includes apps for the following four user roles: manager, employee, sales representative and purchasing agent.

Some of the example apps are: approve leave requests, approve travel expenses, timesheet,  paystubs, create sales orders, customer invoices and track purchase order.

SAP Fiori is available immediately and is priced per user.

With SAP Fiori, we’re changing that traditional enterprise user experience. Instead of transactions and end-to-end business processes, the SAP Fiori concept is centered on people and their goals.

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Designed to adjust to the device form-factor, can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices through a consistent user experience.

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Leverage your existing SAP investments by delivering powerful business results across devices.

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Get started with SAP Fiori immediately and bring instant value to all your users.

SAP Fiori renews the most broadly and frequently used business functions by enterprise users.

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