Product Lifecycle Management

Seamless Integration with Enterprise Systems

Etag has pioneered the concept and delivery of Product Lifecycle Management, creating a world-class suite of software solutions that together provide a single product record and a comprehensive platform for complete product life-cycle management across the value chain. We deliver industry specific services and solutions.

We have built wide range of Product Lifecycle Management Solutions for managing to digitize and manage entire product life-cycle, from product conceptualization, to design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and finally retirement. We implement Product Lifecycle Management using a multi-generation business plan, enabling you to target low risk, high-impact solutions for achieving a rapid return on your investment.

Our Technical Offering Include



We help you integrate PLM to ERP, CRM and legacy applications, thereby helping to break silos in your organization



We help customers achieve the balance between TCO and Performance-Reliability ratio by optimizing infrastructure requirements.


Our consultants ensure a hassle-free upgrade to latest versions of your PLM software



We have established frameworks and tool driven approaches for rapid migration to a new environment

We Digitize and Manage Entire Product Lifecycle

The main focus areas for Product Lifecycle Management

  • The innovation and product development process
  • Portfolio management process
  • Manufacturing processes and digital manufacturing
  • Products information and configuration

Product Lifecycle Management Customization

  • Digital project management assessment and scoping phase
  • PLM process mapping
  • Detailed analysis and view on product development process for improvements
  • Providing Business transformation and supporting PLM tools for their industries / business

Innovation is the Key

We have expertise across the key engineering processes, covering the entire product life cycle, from concept to retirement. With a flexible delivery model that can be tailored to individual requirements across industries, our PLM services bring optimization and agility to the entire initiative.

Our PLM consultants offer immense industry knowledge, as well as hands-on experience to optimize customers’ new product development strategies and processes, as well as address the key challenges in implementing Product Lifecycle Management processes across and beyond the organization.