Private Cloud

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The Etag Private Cloud is an industry vertical cloud, designed for the unique computing and hosting needs of alternative asset managers, from start up to established funds. Private Cloud offer an idyllic way to resolve some of the organization’s major business and technology challenges.

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Etag’s Private Cloud solutions deliver three unique capabilities to businesses:

  • An effectual and secure methodology to using shared infrastructure for tuning numerous requests
  • A consistent, convenient, extensible and flexible approach to deploying and delivering IT infrastructure resources without manual configuration across multiple clouds
  • Responsive and quick access to shared IT infrastructure and services leveraging mechanized and on-demand resource provisioning competences


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Private Cloud combines the advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability and
  • Lowered Upfront Costs – with the turnkey infrastructure and security that regulated financial firms require supported by the managed services required to run this effectively.

The Private Cloud enables deployment of a fully-functional IT system in days, as compared to weeks for traditional cloud solutions. It significantly expands Etag cloud services, which were launched in 2009.

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Etag Private Cloud offers a secure turnkey solution for start up funds, and for established funds a secure multi-tenant cloud environment for hosting, development or disaster recovery. State-of-the-art VCE Vblock Systems enable secure isolation of client data while providing a flexible and powerful pool of integrated networking, computing, storage, and virtualization.

Private Cloud will provide computing power as a service within a virtualised environment using an essential pool of physical computing resource. Also Private Cloud services can vary considerably and so it is hard to define what constitutes a Private Cloud from a technical aspect. Etag is providing unparalleled and transformational technologies empowering IT organizations to improve productivity, dexterity, control and choice through Private Cloud computing.

Private Cloud services by Etag helps reduce outlays, raise productivity, and familiarize inventive business models to make enterprise more responsive and well-organized while simplifying its operations and infrastructure.

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