We Deliver Value and Streamline Processes

From aerospace and defense to automotive, from industrial manufacturing to healthcare, with a presence across these industries, Etag is now one of leading player in the business of consulting and IT services.

We support our Manufacturing industry clients to deploy systems and processes that enable them to transition to a solution-oriented business model, away from the traditional model of equipment selling. We use emerging technologies like mobility and analytics to deepen the service capabilities of our Manufacturing clients. At Etag, we have significantly invested in understanding the operations of the manufacturing industry, which has enabled us to conceptualize and develop industry-specific services and solution accelerators.

We Boost Customer Satisfaction and Time to Market

We bring Digitization in Manufacturing Industry

How Etag Helps

  • Enhanced Product Development
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Transform and enhance process capability through technology solutions
  • Exploit growth in emerging markets through global process and systems
  • Achieve cost efficiencies through solutions for yield management, supply chain optimization and global sourcing
  • Empower their workforce through talent management solutions and systems of engagement
  • Manage compliance and risks effectively

Accelerating Productivity & Profitability

Manufacturing companies choose Etag to help them reduce time to market and costs, improve control of manufacturing operations, and deliver superior experiences to customers. Towards the mission of technologies for a better world, leading manufacturing companies partner with us to make manufacturing smarter, build connected supply chains and develop intelligent products.

Our strength lies in offering end-to-end support across the entire manufacturing value chain and harnessing the synergy with Etag. We focus on developing new solutions which help companies overcome their pain areas and get upper edge over competition with better customer service.