Infor Ming.le

Change the way you Work with Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform that runs seamlessly across the verticals giving you the most innovative social media concepts translated into a business environment to help you work smarter and faster.

With Infor Ming.le, Etag can help enterprises to organize conversations into enterprise-wide streams; share key screens, data, and attachments; have relevant data automatically displayed based on the context of discussions; and help employees from across the enterprise work more effectively together.

Your Business Process Improvement Platform

Infor Ming.le lets you Capture Vital Corporate Knowledge

Infor Ming.le is an Easy-to-Use Package

  • Create a centralized space for collaboration and information sharing
  • Organize conversations into streams and make all communications traceable
  • Easily monitor your entire business and make better decisions faster
  • Quickly find the discussions and documents you need

A Comprehensive Platform

Etag's Infor Ming.le solution enables companies to organize recurring conversations around a business topic, defined by the users, with the ability to involve internal and external participants. With this feature, you can extend your Infor Ming.le platform to external participants, facilitating structured communication and business process tracking with your customers and suppliers.

With Infor Ming.le companies will save time by not having to search for the documents, discussions, and details that matter most, and gain the security provided by traceable communication.

The Infor Ming.le Advantage

  • Easily drill back to navigate to specific Infor applications
  • Enable heightened collaboration between business processes
  • Have recurring and organized conversations around a business topic, with internal and external participants
  • See alerts, workflow, analytics and more at a glance, with SoHo UX interface
  • Experience common navigation and a common context engine across applications