HR Transformation

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HR Transformation – Strategic and fit-for-purpose HR services to enable enterprise change and workforce transformation.

The practice of HR Transformation has evolved dramatically from past decade. HR Transformation in corporate world is a process of realigning an HR function to the strategy and goals of the organization. The main objective of Etag’s HR Transformation is not simply to improve the efficiency of processes, but to improve the function’s effectiveness.

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HR Transformation Initiatives Driven Mainly by Desire to Improve HR Functions

Etag’s HR Transformation offering helps our clients establish flexible and efficient HR service delivery models that drive continuous improvement and helps a company redefine the roles, organizational structure and workforce capabilities necessary to optimize the HR function performance.

  • Implement the most flexible and cost-efficient HR service delivery model
  • Enhance employee access and services through innovative HR technology and processes
  • Create a strategic HR transformation that enables enterprise change and workforce transformation


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Etag help clients achieve new and sustainable business value by formulating human capital strategies, managing change, and setting direction for new HR transformation and operational models.


The major challenges includes:

  • Limited consensus on what the HR function should/could be
  • Overcoming barriers inherent in organizations
  • Winning the hearts and minds of HR stakeholders to achieve lasting change
  • Don’t overcommit
  • Demonstrate early wins and create momentum
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Construct the project to transfer knowledge to internal resources
  • Invest in HR technology infrastructure during early stages of HR transformation


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Effective and efficient learning aligned to business objectives.

Etag HR Transformation solutions are designed to inspire and equip employees to improve their performance, skills and knowledge for results. We can help organizations embed advanced learning technologies and solutions in business processes to drive employee performance and adaptability.

HR Transformation isn’t about getting to know the employees — they’re about taking an active role in execution of business strategy. Since execution rarely happens in silos, accountability forces both the business and human resources to collaborate.

To make HR Transformation work, we need to describe it.

  • Flow of people
  • Flow of performance management
  • Flow of information
  • Flow of work

Clear role definition and rigorous accountability will help an HR transformation succeed.

Service detail

Consulting services and solutions

  • Learning strategies
  • Learning content development
  • Learning management technology
  • Learning infrastructure and hosting
  • Learning outsourcing
  • Learning delivery


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Driving innovation and efficiency by sharing knowledge and information across colleagues, partners and customers.

Etag knowledge and collaboration services help companies in today’s on-demand environment provide employees with seamless and immediate access to people, knowledge and expertise through world-class collaboration, knowledge management and learning solutions. We can help you drive HR Transformation in an efficient way by sharing knowledge and information across colleagues, partners and customers.

Etag’s Smart Moves for HR Transformation:

  • Put the right evolution team in place
  • Learn to get the business leaders on board early in the process
  • Provide employees with new training
  • Be ready with plans to bring a change or transformation initiative
  • Review policies and procedures
  • Diligently monitor the progress and review outcomes
  • Make a concerted effort to communicate the need and rationale for the change initiative
  • Employee communications must be proactive, inclusive and open, hence provide specific feedback


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Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time with the right motivation.

Etag HR Transformation services help companies that are seeking to achieve their business strategy and improve performance to deliver more from people, and more for people.

Ultimately, HR transformation depends on the quality of HR professionals, who may need to upgrade their competencies to enable them to perform their roles in the new organization. HR transformation has therefore raised the bar for the profession. We can help you optimize workforce availability and capability to deliver real business outcomes.


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