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HBase is an Apache open source project whose goal is to provide storage for the Hadoop Distributed computing.

Etag provides scalable HBase storage solutions to accommodate a virtually infinite amount of data. We make sure to offer precise results, whether you’re evaluating the non-relational database or planning to put it into practice right way.

Etag’s HBase solutions is efficiently designed to address the following:

  • Fast record lookup
  • Support for record-level insertion
  • Support for updates
  • Integrate HBase with Hadoop’s MapReduce framework for massively parallelized data processing
  • Discover how integration with Hadoop makes scalability with HBase easier
  • We realize the value of data and develop solutions to fit the needs
  • Expect our results to be useful and tailored to your needs

HBase is a distributed, persistent, strictly consistent storage system with saturation and excellent read performance, to implement flexible secondary index solutions. HBase handles shifting load and failures gracefully and transparently to the clients. Scalability is built in does not involve any complicated re-balancing or re-sharing procedure, but is completely automated.

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We think beyond developing best applications and websites, we believe in achieving excellence and goodwill by offering HBase services:

Our Business Drivers:

  • Cost-effective and high-quality
  • Well-trained app developers
  • Implementation and testing
  • Fastest and efficient applications

Etag has extensive knowledge with Hadoop and HBase strategy, design, and development.  Each of our consultants have access to an extensive template library for differing technology components within the Hadoop Stack.  Etag has extensive intellectual property for utilizing HBase as a real-time Big Table clone.

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