Our Technology & Advocacy, Your Winning Edge

The government services firms are facing several industry changes. To meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders in a challenging environment, governance needs to be agile and effective. Our solutions for government firms can help achieve this through process efficiencies, technology scalability, feature-rich business functionality, customized mapping with government functions at different levels of administration and analytics to enable planning and decision-making. Transparency and accountability can also be built into government process workflows with an outcome-based approach.

We have helped our clients focus their corporate portfolio of businesses, position businesses for growth, adjust their cost structure and modify supply chains, execute successful M&A strategies and redesign their organizations to compete in a market where business boundary lines are constantly shifting. Our government solutions use technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics to help organisations improve performance and develop forward-thinking, citizen-centric programs.

Improved Transparency & Accountability

Improved Transparency & Accountability

We automate your processes and ensure access to realtime information for various stakeholders for improved transparency and accountability

Increased Accessibility

Increased Accessibility

You can increase the accessibility and affordability of public services with our workflow-driven processes
Complete Security

Complete Security

Our solutions ensure total security of government and personal data through multiple technologies

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

Our frameworks-enabled solutions help in rapid implementation timelines and reduced life-cycle costs

Etag Benefits

  • Our experts have extensive experience in design and implementation of effective governance solutions using world-class current and next-generation technologies
  • We deliver end-to-end holistic and integrated solutions where we provide software, hardware, applications and infrastructure
  • Our frameworks-enabled solutions help in rapid implementation timelines and reduced life-cycle costs
  • We help you set up early warning systems for disasters with incident response systems and knowledge portals
  • You can manage change effectively and efficiently leveraging our process rigor coupled with our expertise in government domains and innovation models

Our Solutions for Public Sectors

Successful engagements across various government projects enable us to leverage global governance best practices while implementing “Best in class” solutions. We provide government firms with real-time information, services and analytics by using next generation technologies and design architectures that utilize government networks, the internet and mobile communications, to render public services. In addition, our existing frameworks in multiple domains such as financial management, taxation, human resource management, healthcare, and office automation among others, allow rapid deployment of solutions.

Etag Insights and Innovative Solutions

Our Governance Advisory solutions help agencies improve efficiency and overall business performance by leveraging latest technology trends and industry best practices.

We combine technology, business process re-engineering, capacity building and project management skills to support Government organisations that face issues with existing processes and do not have enough resources to implement a project. Our key strengths in this domain include understanding of government functions and application of custom and packaged solutions to bring about significant economic and social benefits through reforms in people, processes and technology.