Customer Relationship Management

Experience + Process + Technology = Measurable Results

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provide robust, scalable and flexible solutions with a complete view of customer interactions across various functions in an organization. Etag helps clients develop and deliver their CRM strategy to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce operational costs, optimize existing IT assets, and provide specific software that determines customer satisfaction.

Easy to use and fast to deploy, our solutions can be tailored to match individual business needs, helping our clients to streamline processes.

Building Enterprise Expertise

We Build Value for You

Maximize business opportunities by anticipating your existing customers’ needs
Identify your best customers
Identify potential customers
Identify complementary products you can sell to your customers
Target marketing campaigns/materials and promotions

Benefits of Etag CRM

Improved ability to target profitable customers
Integrated offerings across channels
Improved pricing, efficiency and effectiveness
Customized products and services
Improved customer service efficiency and effectiveness

Provide Better Customer Services!

Increasing revenues and winning customer satisfaction are two holy grail of every business. Quality front-office operations (Sales, Marketing and Customer Service) not only lead to growth and profitability, it also results in attracting, retaining and delighting more customers. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes the customer THE ‘center’ of enterprise’s processes, workflows and activities.