Explore Infor’s Offensive Strategy to Counter Oracle and SAP

“Organizations are being decimated by technology innovation of competitors.”

Apple Inc. When it was announced the launch of its latest version iPhone 6S‎ there was so much excitement in the world as Apple early birds couldn’t wait to explore all the applications that the new product offered. Why customers were keen to buy innovative products?

The answer is simple; everyone wants a little spark in their life every now and then, and now its competitors are victims of these latest technology innovations and changing consumer demands.

So it’s clear, if you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.

SAP might be the best ERP to address the complexities in the business process, but what’s the point to have a wonderful ERP in hands when employees are struggling to use it, Especially Company bottom line. To counter this Infor got the excellent creative UI designers on the planet.

One of the things that puts business software company Infor apart from its competitors is its 4 year old creative division that designs the beautiful intuitive user interfaces for the company’s manufacturing, inventory management, commerce, logistics, and financial management systems.

Now, Infor plans to make those creative skills of that group, Hook & Loop, available to its customers through a new strategic initiative called H&L Digital. The initiative will consist of “SWAT teams” that will help businesses come up with digital business applications that build on top of Infor’s cloud services, said Infor CEO Charles Phillips in Inforum 2016.

Although Charles hesitated to say how many people would be on those SWAT teams, it’s affirmative that Infor has excellent UI & Creative team in the world. “We will be your discovery and creative agency,” he said. “That’s how these deals start. From there, we have enough creative human capital assets to make this real.”

The practice (which Phillips calls “design for progress”) will be led by Infor’s chief creative officer, Marc Scibelli, a digital “storyteller” who previously worked on brand campaigns for the likes of Google and Unilever.

Yes, this group is the same division that includes Infor’s work with Whole Foods.

Infor Software revenue for latest quarter, including license fees and cloud subscriptions revenue, was up 34.9 percent and 35.5 percent year over year - which shows intensive competition with SAP and oracle in growth rate.