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Be it a qualified mobile engineer, a desktop or web designer, or a complete programming novice, Android symbolizes a stimulating new opportunity to write ground-breaking applications for a progressively wide range of devices. Android is an open-source software stack that includes the operating system, middle-ware, and key mobile applications, along with a set of API libraries for writing applications that can shape the look, feel, and function of the devices on which they run.

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We design and develop applications that are made for mobile from the ground up.

Android offers a cohesive methodology to application development for mobile devices which means developers need only develop for Android, and their applications should be able to run on various devices powered by Android.

Android has expanded beyond a pure mobile phone platform to offer a development platform for an increasingly wide range of hardware, including tablets and televisions.

  • A free, open-source operating system for embedded devices
  • An open-source development platform for creating applications
  • Devices, particularly mobile phones, that run the Android operating system and the applications created for it


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The experiences we create feel natural and intuitive on Any Android Phone.

The advent of mobile smartphones — multifunction devices including a phone but featuring a full-featured web browser, cameras, media players, WiFi, and location-based services — has vitally changed the way people interact with their mobile devices and access the Internet. The growing admiration of smartphones, combined with the increasing convenience of high-speed mobile data and Wi-Fi hotspots, has created a huge prospect for innovative mobile applications.

Smartphone applications have changed the way people use their phones. This gives Etag, a unique opportunity to create dynamic, captivating Android applications that become a vital part of people’s lives.

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Android sits alongside a new wave of mobile operating systems designed for increasingly powerful mobile hardware. Android offers new possibilities for mobile applications by offering an open development environment built on an open source Linux Kernel. Android is powerful and intuitive, letting developers who have never programmed for mobile devices create useful applications quickly and easily. Android gives developers a great opportunity. All Android applications are a native part of the phone, not just software that’s run in a sandbox on top of it.

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Android offers an opportunity for developers to create innovative software applications for mobile devices without the restrictions generally associated with the existing proprietary mobile development frameworks.

The Android design philosophy demands that applications be:

  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Secure
  • Seamless

Etag has delivered number of high quality and creative mobile applications for the customers across the globe since last few years. Our professional team of programmers, project managers, and technology consultants provide Advanced Android Application Development and Industry specific mobility solutions.

Our agile methods ensures high customer satisfaction by delivering the applications faster, inexpensive and with high quality. We provide wide range of Android Application Development services. Our teams of qualified developers create top notch quality Android Apps with innumerable functionalities and with outstanding business-impacting results with Android Apps for our clients.

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